Self Help Strategies

Being a Fibromyalgia Syndrome Survivor

  • Educate Yourself / Learn about the condition / Accept that you have fibromyalgia and it is not life threatening, nor deforming, nor paralysing / Understand that at this present time there is no cure for FMS, but you can do a lot to help yourself / Make contact with a Local  Support Group.


  • Work with your Medical Professionals to actively discover what works best for you. Learn to self manage your illness.


  • Try to eat a balanced diet and eat at least 3 regular meals per day. Increase your fluid intake to 6-8 eight ounce glasses per day.


  • Try to laugh, it is therapeutic. Don’t be afraid to use humour to help manage your FMS.


  • Do not be afraid to say NO when you cannot do something. Focus on your strengths.


  • Expect to have a good quality of life in spite of having FMS.


  • With the help of medical professionals develop your own home exercise programme. Consider stretching as a form of exercise. Expect some discomfort when beginning exercise, start at a very low level and make sure you build up very, very slowly. Consider varying your exercise programme. Consider undertaking your exercise programme with a friend.


  • Learn relaxation techniques. Learn about correct posture and breathing exercises. Try to find a chair that supports good posture and a bed which is comfortable.


  • Talk to your family and friends. Learn to ask for help and to delegate tasks.


  • Try to reduce stress, have fun! Participate in activities that you find enjoyable. Try to make sure that you have some exposure to outdoor light each day.


  • Try to remain positive at all times and eliminate negative thoughts. Do not give up.


  • Learn to pace and prioritise your activities /divide tasks into smaller projects. Try to resist the urge to do “just one more thing”.


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